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Mission Statment 

Through education and dedication we strive to improve patient care and help those who care for them.

Our Story

Hello my name is Kenneth Lewellen, I am the owner of Life Response. I started this business after being a Firefighter/EMT for over 12 years. After spending the majority of my career in a rural fire district I have seen first hand the challenges first responders face, especially those with limited staffing. There has been multiple calls where we run on a patient who requires extra personell to safely lift them to the stretcher or just off the ground. We would have to tone out for additional help at 2am and wake up every volunteer in the district to try and get more staffing to safely lift this individual. 

The example above is just one of many which motivated me to find innovative ways to help first responders. The other worrisome statistic is the number of on the job injuries to healthcare workers. A lot of these are preventable with the right equipment and training. The staffing shortage after Covid has made injury avoidance that much more important to prevent skilled workers from having to miss work. The healthcare and social assistance industry had 56,360 musculoskeletal disorders cases in 2018. With the obesity epidemic on the rise the numbers of health care muscular injuries will rise along with it unless safer practices are put into play.

Our Goals

  • Reduced number and severity of staff injuries

  • Reduced workers’ compensation medical and indemnity costs

  • Reduced overtime and sick leave

  • Improve patient care by enabling quicker response

  • Improved recruitment and retention of caregivers

  • Fewer resources required to replace injured staff


Ken Lewellen- Owner

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